Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Year 5-8 cross country

Reporters: Liana and Lainie

Year 7 and 8 earthquake art

About 2 weeks ago the Supernova team got to choose an art that relates to our earthquake inquiry. There was different types of art, there was drawing and painting before an earthquake, during an earthquake and after an earthquake and the effects on buildings in room 1 Here is a photo of someone's artwork.We made earthquake soundscapes useing garageband which start out nice and calm and then during an earthquake and after in room 2. In room 3 we made interviews and in the interview their was 1 interviewer and about 3 people that explain how and why earthquakes happen. The people that passed are now going to make model buildings useing materials and then they will be put on an earthquake simulator that Mr Brown has made and we will see if the buildings have stood up in a magnitude 7 earthquake!

Reporter: Cade