Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Community Values At Oaklands School

Sarah Community

Oaklands School Careers Evening

Oaklands School Career evening on PhotoPeach

On Tuesday 3 August the Year 7 and 8s had been working on a project from Term 2. It was all about what career we wanted to have in future years. I personally would be a disc jockey(or DJ for short). Almost all the classes in the school came and the ones who didn't really missed out. It was a great afternoon and I think we all learned something from this experience.

Reporter: Shayden

Monday, September 20, 2010

What makes the best class pet?

Reporter: Demi

Cycle Safety at Oaklands

Reporter: Kate



Reporter: Demi

Canterbury Earthquake 4 September 2010

Reporter: Thomas

Poll: What did you do when the earthquake struck?

We looked at all the different things we had heard of people doing when the earthquake struck - their immediate reactions. Here is the list we came up with. What did YOU do?

Reporters: CommTeam

Earthquake hits Christchurch

Reporter: Isabel

Oaklands helps out

Reporter: Ashleigh

Bully Free Zone

Bully Free Zone

Supernova's Science programme!!!

Get a Voki now!

Isabel's Voki about Trainee Teachers

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ashleigh's Voki about Netball

Reporter Ashleigh

Celebration of Learning

The Celebration of Learning is an event that was held at Oaklands School where the children get a chance to show what they have learnt during the term to the parents, visitors, teachers, and fellow students.
The focus of our Celebration of Learning was how we could make positive change in our school or community.

Celebration of Learning on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Room 1 Year 7/8 Maths

The Year 7 and 8 students in Room 1 is are learning a lot in maths.

Most days we do ten quick questions. We solve problems about Area, Perimeter and Basic Facts. We use the text books and solve the problems on some pages.

Room 1 students do three maths activities each day, either the Cool Maths Games website, a lesson with the Teacher, Board games and Maths Activities e.g. Figure It Out books.

Sometimes the maths problems get so hard that we are allowed to use a calculator. The maths problems are mostly to do with Square Roots, Division and Decimals.

Reporter: Zenith

Mr Wethey's farewell

Unfortunately our Deputy Principal Mr Wethey has left. Mr Wethey was at Oaklands School for 25 years, that's ages!! He was a nice man and he helped me when I was hurt. He used to say "Howdy" all the time. He was funny and he was just one of a kind