Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tabloid Sports

Tabloid Sports

The tabloid sports were held on the 10th and the 11th March. They were great fun, there were house points up for grabs and everyone got in on the action. Every teacher ran a different activity like ball games, running games, strategy games. We finished with a tug of war overall, girls v boys and staff v pupils. The girls won most events that day!!
It was a great 2 day event and helped us all get back into the swing of school after the Christchurch earthquake.

Room 2's Class Blog

Room 2 a year 7&8 Class at Oaklands has its very own blog.It is used to publish our work and the events we have been doing and are coming up there is also notices + all the latest news.It has some great games on it and we are trying to get to 5000 hits so we can have a class party, we are very close to getting there.Please vist our blog the link is
Here are two videos of two students in room 2 talking about the blog.

Reporter:Kate K

~ Rock Star Dress up ~

On the 25th March 2011 we had a Rock Star dress up day it was a gold coin donation and we raised a total of $481.40 for music resources .It was a great day some students dressed up like the classic KISS and LADY GAGA. I was the wackiest rock star day and it was loads of fun dressing up.It was a big hit.

Reporter: Liana

~ Room 2 Fitness goal ~

Room 2 has set a goal to run from Christchurch to Brisbane Australia at the start the number of kilometres at the start was somewhere around 2642.087km and on the first day we ran 35.9km and now all in total we have ran 496km the longest run we have ran in one day is 71.o9km and Mr Ladbrook room2`s teacher has promised a class party with games and a shared lunch the same when their blog up to 5,000 view`s. Room2 is still striving to get to Australia and when they do it is going to be a big success.

Reporter: Lainie

Run Bike Run

This year Oaklands School is having another duathlon. The first time it was scheduled for was the 24 February, but it was postponed because of the Christchurch earthquake.
This time we will have another go, however the weather forecast is not looking good because the long term weather forecast is not so good.
We can do the run, bike, run (duathlon) in teams of 2 or 3, or as an individual. The Year 5/6 have to run 1 kilometre, bike 2.5 kilometres, and run 600 metres. The Year 7/8 have to run 1 kilometre, bike 5 kilometres, and run 600 metres. See above for a map. We are training by running laps around the field every day. Everyone is excited about it, and hoping to make it to the next stage!

Reporter: Jennifer

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Earthquake Reflection

On 10th March, the first day back after the 6.3 earthquake, the classes in Oaklands school had a whole class circle time. We did this to talk about our experiences of the Chrsitchurch earthquake and celebrate the different ways we helped other people in need.

New Staff at Oaklands School

We have two new staff in are school in 2011 . Mr Ladbrook is teaching Year 7 and 8 in Room 2. Liana and Lainie think he is a nice teacher because is generous and gives us lots of help with our learning.
Mrs Gatherer is our new Deputy Principal, you probably have seen her in school assemblies sitting up on stage with Mrs Trotter, Mrs Hall, Demi and Thomas.
Mrs Gatherer is taking the Reading Angels club this year. This is a reading club for girls at our School.

Reporter: Casey

Back to School Today, 10 March

Hello everyone.
Oaklands Students have returned to school today following the Christchurch Earthquake that occurred on Tuesday 22 February.
Casey said, "It was fun to come back to school because I wasn't doing that much at home."
Jennifer said, "It was great to be able to see my friends because I was starting to get bored at home."
Paris said, " It is good to get back to normal and see my friends again."
Mrs Patten said, "I have really enjoyed seeing our students again and hearing the wonderful stories of how they have helped others who were in need following the earthquake. We have some great Community minded students at Oaklands School."
Students have been working with their classes this morning trying to get back into a normal routine. We all attended a short welcome back assembly as well. This afternoon all classes are taking part in a school tabloids event organised by our teachers. We are all looking forward to having some fun and fitness out in the playground.

Reporter: Mrs Patten