Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AVAILL Reading Programme

AVAILLL stands for Audio Visual Achievement In Literacy, Language + Learning. AVAILLL is a reading program where we watch a movie with subtitles. When the movie is playing it stops all of a sudden.Then we have to write the subtitles we last saw before it stopped. Year 7/8 do this every morning except on Mondays because we are at tech.

Reporter: Ashleigh

PAL 2010

PAL- stands for Physical Activity Leaders.

PAL is a leadership programme for Year 7-8 students at Oaklands School. We run fun physical activities for students, open up the PE shed for other pupils and work really hard to make our students active!

Reporter: Demi

Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Swap

Book Swap

Reporter: Ashleigh

Jump Rope For Heart

Jump Rope for Heart is a great fitness programme that our whole school has just completed. It began with each syndicate practising in their fitness time and then as a completion of it we had a jump off. Jump Rope for Heart was a really good event and was a lot of awesome fun.

Reporter: Kate K

Inquiry on Change

Oaklands Primary School students from Year 0-8 have been doing an Inquiry about Change. Our big question was "How can we bring about positive change at Oaklands School?"

We have five syndicates at our school: The Sparkles, Curious Comets, Rising Stars, Shooting Stars and Supernovas. In the Sparkles they have been making sand pit toys, the Curious Comets have been making playground equipment and the Rising Stars have made an outdoor classroom. The Shooting Stars have planted trees for the names of our houses (Miro, Rimu, Kowhai and Rata) they have also made friendship seats, healthy lunches and classroom boardgames

The Supernovas have been making new equipment that could possibly be made on the school field or in other places in the school. We have made models, brochures and we have designed models on the computer as a replica of real life objects using a program called Google Sketch-up.

Big Buddies

As a Year 7 and 8 at Oaklands School, we take on many leadership roles. Big Buddies is one of them.

A Big Buddy is assigned to a little buddy to look after. The little buddies are the new entrants in our school. We play games and read books with them and check if they are playing nicely at lunch times.

We take photos and make a folder about our buddy's first year at school! This programme helps the new entrants settle into school.

Reporter: Sarah

Friday, August 27, 2010

Zenith's Learning Motto

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The reason I chose this motto is because we learn like soldiers, fast and well.

Reported By Zenith.A

Thomas's Learning Motto

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I chose this motto because at the end of the day you don't want to be a sore loser or a bad winner, plus there is only one outcome.

Reporter: Thomas

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Connor's Learning Motto

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I chose this motto because I think it is true. These words were said by Albert Einstein and I try to use this in my learning.

Reporter: Connor C

Shayden's Learning Motto

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I chose this motto because it represents who everyone is and no matter how good you are at things you're still the same old you.

Reporter: Shayden S

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mrs Dawe's Farewell

Earlier this term Mrs Dawe left Oaklands School to go to Hagley High School to teach. Most kids were upset at the event and Molly (Yr 3) did a Scottish dance at her farewell assembly. We will all miss Mrs Dawe.
We wish her good luck for her new job.

Reporter: Lainie

Demi's Learning Motto

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I think this is a good motto because we should always try our best and aim high!

Reporter: Demi

Sarah's Learning Motto.

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I think this motto is very important because Oaklands School values respect and encourages self-management!

Reporter: Sarah W

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Isabel's Learning Motto

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I chose this motto because it represents life and the way we learn.

Reporter:Isabel VT

Lainie's learning motto

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I chose this motto because...
We are all different than each other, we all look different and we all have different personalities.

Reporter: Lainie

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ashleigh's Learning Motto

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I think this motto is good because it's saying that learning is good for you. If you don't learn you won't be able to read, write, and do important skills like that.

Reporter: Ashleigh M

Kate's Learning Motto

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I choose this motto because it shows that we are always learning and that nothing will come in the way of our learning.

Reporter: Kate K

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mr Woollands Is Leaving Oaklands

Mr Woollands, who has been teaching at Oaklands since 2001, is leaving us for a new life teaching in Oman. We wish him good luck for this journey.

Kids Congress 2010

Kate, Seigan, Isabel and Hunter attended the 10th Kids Congress in Chrsitchurch in May. Listen to this podcast and you will learn about what they did there.