Thursday, April 14, 2011

Staff v Students Rugby League

Wednesday 13 April was Red and Black Day at Oaklands. The mufti day was held to raise money for the Red Cross Canterbury Earthquake Appeal.
Also featuring on this day was the Staff v Students rugby league game. As the photos show all parties were very loyal to their home province as far as colour of uniform goes but that must have proved to be difficult to separate the teams...........or was it not??
As you can see there was a lot of running, passing and dodging in order to score points.
Who won, the staff say they did. The score, that has yet to be determined!!!
Did everyone have fun???? YES.
Enjoy the photos.

Staff v Students Rugby League on PhotoPeach

Reporter: Mrs P

Super novas trip to the red zone!

Next term the Super novas are going on a trip to see the "red zone" in town! The trip is part of our inquiry which is on the Christchurch earthquake and why earthquakes happen. We will be going to the cordon that blocks off the "red zone" so we will have a small look into the red zone and see lots of the buildings that collapsed! We will take our topic books and research why these buildings have come down! Here's a photo of the Christchurch Cathedral because it is one of the damaged buildings that are in the red zone!
I am looking forward to it because I haven't seen the damage yet!

Photo: Creative Commons

Reporter: Cade

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playground Talk

We went around and asked some students what they do in their lunchtime and this is what they said.

Reporters: Liana & Nicole.
On Wednesday 30th March the year sevens of Oaklands school left for camp . We arrived school at or before 8:30. Everyone met in the hall to talk about rules at nine o'clock and before we knew it we were on our way to Wainui camp. We arrived there at quarter past eleven and had a quick lunch before heading off to our first activity at twelve.
There were four activities that we did at Wainui: High ropes, coasteering, archery and raft building.
On the first night of camp we played spotlight. Afterwards there were two scary stories to listen to.
The second night was the camp concert. There were lots of plays and skits but also singing and dancing. On the very last morning of camp we had to pack up our bunk rooms and while the kids were doing their last activity the parents had alot of cleaning to do!!
Overall it was an awesome camp and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Reporter: Paris

Run, Bike, Run

RUN, BIKE, RUN IS CANCELLED! Mr Brown has decided to cancel this event due to the Halswell Domain being flooded, and the weather forecast not looking good.

Most of us were disappointed to hear.

Reporter: Jennifer

A New Awesome Online game!

Hi! Cade here, I'm new to the Oaklands Communication team! If you read the Press, on Tuesday you might of seen a photo of me in it with my computer, well I did a interview with the press for a new online game made for kids! Here is a photo of the site's homepage

It is a fun game where you can play games, Make online friends, Buy clothes and items and just having fun! The link to the site is and you can earn ranks like "Green banana" "top banana" and "Mini Mod"
Thanks for reading!

Reporter: Cade